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1800MulchPro includes the finest Mulch and Landscaping supply companies in the United States. Our service provides a one stop shop for consumers to get in touch with the best suppliers across the United States.



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Green Your Garden


What is Mulch? 
Mulch is defined as any material applied to the soil surface for protection or improvement of the area covered. 

What Can I Use It for?

  • Mulch prevents weeds from growing.
  • It will maintain an even temperature in the soil. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • It protects the soil from soil erosion.
  • It will conserve moisture.
  • It provides a clean surface for accessing the garden.
  • It can make a garden look neat and finished.

What are the different types of mulches?
There are two basic types of mulch – Organic and Inorganic:

Organic mulch is made of natural occurring matter from the Earth. It decomposes over time. Types of organic mulch include: grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, bark, wood chips, and more. 

Of the Organic mulches, wood or bark mulches are the most popular. These mulches can all be died in many different colors and shredded multiple times.

Cedar Mulch 
Hardwood Mulch 
Pine Bark Mulch 
Pine Bark
Cyprus Mulch 


Bark Nuggets 
Bark Nuggets
Pine Straw Mulch 
Pine Straw
Hemlock Mulch 


Inorganic mulch is made from inert materials; some are synthetic and some are natural. Of the inorganic varieties some of the most popular include:

Pee Gravel 
Pee Gravel
Rubber Mulch 
Lava Rock 
Lava Rock


All you need to do is call 1-800-MULCH PRO from anywhere in the country, and, if we have a location serving the metro area from which you are calling, you will be connected to the location nearest you!



Find Mulch Suppliers Near You

Whether you are looking for organic products that provide nutrients for the soil as they decompose or more synthetic products that don’t need to be replaced as time goes on, we can connect you with local landscaping professionals who can provide the materials you need for your next project. All of our 1800MulchPro specialists carry a variety of landscape supplies such as: Topsoil, Decorative Rock, Sand, Gravel, Compost and more. We currently have locations spread throughout the entire United States.


Just click on the map above or give us a call at 1800MulchPro to get connected to provider near you.